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White Concrete Fire Bowl

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Our hand poured concrete fire bowls add a touch of warmth to any room. We use a clean burning fuel that crackles like a real fire to add to the ambience. 

 **Please note: This item does not ship to the US**

What’s included?

• Handmade Concrete Bowl

• Sand

• Fuel 

Add a 3 pack of concrete spheres HERE

WARNING : These are a nice accent to our fire pits but are not to have flame directly applied to them 


Approximate Dimensions :

Diameter : 13” 

Height:  4 “ 

Items usually ship in 5-7 days 

  • Gel Fuel is a smokeless fuel for use in garden burners, fireplaces and gel fuel fire pits
  • Burning time is approximately 3 hours
  • 3000 BTUs per can
  • Made from clean burning ethanol alcohol